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Global Investment Advisory firm U-Start launches the hunt for Europe’s top startups, ripe for investment
Arabnet Digital Summit in Dubai on June
Fashionbi, business intelligence for fashion and luxury
Memeoirs, the business of memory, hits Pozzoni Group
Esplori, disruptive teaching
NYC vs Silicon Valley, female entrepreneurs have home in the Big Apple
Jaqard, emerging Italian startup in fashion industry, among winners of AppCircus 2014 raises 1,34 million EUR, launches real time data
Crowd: a world of possibilities also in Asia, the experience of Crowdonomic
Rockstart Accelerator is coming to Italy
Fannabee, the app for fans and serial collectors
Pickatale, tales become reality in a spiked world
Steve Wozniak suggestion: write the book yourself rather than read it
Pitch of the week - Sellf, the CRM beyond the CRM
ProxToMe Secures $700K in Seed Funding to Enhance the way Musicians Engage with Concert Go’ers
Arabnet Digital Summit in Dubai starts tomorrow (also in streaming)
Peter Thiel invests in TransferWise, the first investment in Europe for Valar Ventures
A wide international view of start-up scene at Bloom event in Milan
David Mermann Scott for startups
Why Middle East startup scene is important for Europeans
Arabnet Digital Summit in Dubai
The identikit of an italian startupper
Bangbite raises 1,5 M euros from Principia SGR
A Milano, imperdibile David Meerman Scott
Barbara Labate of Risparmio Super wins in Paris the Lady Pitch Night
Girls, ready for Lady pitch night 2013?
Klash announces initial investment round
Amazing Startup Weekend, all are winners!
Startup Weekend, some tricks to get success
Admantx closes a second round with investor
Mosaicoon gets 2,4 million di euro from Atlante and Vertis VC funds
A worldwide perspective of venture capital investors
Who is Pietro Bezza, founder and managing director of Connect Ventures, the european fund investing on Nitrogram
Teleportd raises 1m dollars from Connect Ventures, Betaworks and angels for Nitrogram, an Instagram marketing platform
H-umus, new exit for H-Farm
Interactive Project, gaming, raises 400k from Lventure
StartuParty: party&pitches magic formula brought together 1000 startupers
Startup Weekend at Talent Garden Brescia: my very first one!
360° Capital Partners announces the first closing of the new fund at 60 million euro
Decisyon raises $15 million
CicerOOS, tourism genome project, got a first round from Digital investments e Principia
Connect Ventures invests in Italian startup Urlist
At Pioneers Festival the best of European Startup scene
Italian Angels for Growth announces new investment in medical startup Margherita Invention
Pick1 announces an investment round of 535,000 USD
The Olympic adventure of the startupper Mounir
Vertis Venture backing Karalit, disruptive technology and CRS4 spin-off
Vivocha closes 1,5 million euros deal with Italian VC Vertis and Principia
Styloola raises more than 200 thousand euros on SiamoSoci
PastBook raises 250,000 US dollars
Italian startup Viamente sold to US company for 4,5 million dollars
Ploonge raises 300k euros
Volo-in-ritardo, the startup that helps passengers to get money back from airlines companies
Volo-in-ritardo, the startup that helps passengers to get money back from airlines companies
Carpooling, now backed by Daimler AG
Vertis SGR invests in Blomming
Startupper's Swing / Silvio Porcellana /
Italian startup Iubenda, a privacy policy generator, faces the challenge of its grow
Webit Congress announces its 2012 start-up challenge
Startupper's Swing / Andrea Maggiani / Carbon Sink Group
Innogest invests in Beintoo
iDooo acquires 2Music
Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno invests in Remocean
Startupper's Swing / Giuseppe Spezzano / Bookolico
Startupper's Swing / Andrea Nembro / XLpoll
Startupper's Swing / Gianluca Ciralli /
Startupper's Swing/Matteo Pittarello/This is not a sushi bar
Italian Angels for Growth invests one million in medtech startup SediciDodici
Startupper's Swing / Giovanni Daprà / MoneyFarm
Startupper's Swing/Pier Mattia Avesani/Uqido
Startupper's Swing/Marco Bocola/Vectorealism
Agroils technologies receives funding from Italian VC
Startupper's Swing/Fabrizio Ferreri/ URList
Principia invests 2.5 million euros in Neodata
Startupper's Swing/Simone Rigoni/TEP
Startupper's Swing/Annalisa Balloi/Micro4you
Italian venture incubator H-Farm exits Logopro, the all-female startup goes to Orgraf
Regional Italian VC fund invests in Adaptica
Italian startup Pantea, mobile media marketing, raises 750k euros
Tomorrow, six startup pitching for angels in Bologna
Spin off WIN raises 800 thousand euros
Malta startup week, innovation in the heart of Mediterranean


The flying car is actually flying at Pioneers Festival in Vienna
Amiko, the first wearable activity track for medical packages goes on Indiegogo and is finalist at Pioneers Festival
KetchApp, mobile games and augmented reality in Italy
Memeoirs, a startup that creates books from digital content, heads towards its next fundraising campaign
Green Innovation and Investment Forum: Apply now
INCENSe first open call, 230 applications from clean-tech and energy startups
Impact acceleration program kicks off, three Italian startup in the first batch
Musement raises 5 Ml euros to scale up
MediaTek Ventures, US$300m to invest in startups
Listupp, the Italian challenge to Shopalike
Factanza, la media company che sfrutta i social piace a Primomiglio
Webit, the future of technology showcased in Istanbul
Italian startup Measurence wins Data Pioneers at Data Days in Berlin


99designs loves Italian startups
Talent Garden Milano, a time machine to enter the future
Exitreality acquires Koinup
Pirelli is looking for ideas for the future
MySmark, the personal widget to express what you feel
The Italian startup Eco4Cloud wins UP 2012 - Cloud Computing Conference in San Francisco
The Italian startup Eco4Cloud wins UP 2012 - Cloud Computing Conference in San Francisco
Cleanweb Hackaton Italia: Filas awards Drop Share as best app of the ecofriendly challenge
The biggest Italian innovation campus is born in Milano, thanks to Startupbusiness and Talent Garden
Milano Med Forum 2012, Prime Minister Monti likes Emcd and Euro-Mediterranean collaboration
Eban winter university 2013
The new Italian legislation on start-ups
H-Camp is the new incubation program of venture incubator H-Farm
map2app wins UN-based World Summit Award Mobile
Digital Magics, da Milano a Fisciano
No pitch, but speech
Startups on stage at Smau - Percorsi dell'innovazione 2012 - Lamarck Award
New exit for Italian Angels for Growth
A new way to get deal flow....Barcamper!
Vienna calling, Pioneers Festival next European great event
Best quotes from Techcrunch Italy
Lockerz acquires Wishpot, sixth exit for Italian VC fund H-Farm
Italian start-up ecosystem, the ultimate report
Sitar Teli new partner at Connect Ventures
ADmantX, new Ceo to drive expansion
Synergies between startups: CircleMe and Cibando collaborate on Plant Guides
Clash of the Founders, the challenge we have been waiting for!
Italy is the second larget global investor in the United Kingdom, just after US and before China
Olympic launch for Spoome
Almost 600 applications for the second edition of Premio Gaetano Marzotto
International competition for innovators in bioengineering
Reportage from LeWeb London 2012 (part two)
Reportage from LeWeb London 2012 (part one)
Twago closes a 2.9 M$ round
Italian partners are international spotlight this month on BizSparkPlus
Mobile start-ups from all the world gather in Milan
Startup Weekend Torino
Mediterranean start-ups' ecosystem (via Wamda)
Startuparty 3rd Edition – a growing ecosystem
The Italian start-ups wave
Interview with Luigi Amati, President of Zernike Meta Ventures
Streamago, Tiscali latest innovation
Skebby opens to international users
Enrico Gasperini at D.SUMMIT: “We need a new digital Marshall Plan”
Earlybird has a new venture partner in the Linkedin co-founder
Seedlab announces the 15 projects selected for its accelerating program
StartuParty is back and partners with SeedCamp
Furniture becomes biodegradable, the collective writing
StartuppaMI,‭ ‬where you get ready to present your start-up company!
Paulo Andrez is new Eban president
Philippe Gluntz is European business angel of the year and Italian Zernike Meta Venture is the early stage fund of the year
Dmgt acquires Jobrapido
Corrado Passera: "If you want to succeed, you have to fail"
Gartner says Italian startup Blomming is e-commerce cool vendor
Panel with Populis on the new information economy framework: "Connect, Engage, Influence, Integrate"
SiamoSoci, the marketplace for ventures, a great opportunity for Italian startups
Earlybird closes its 4th venture fund at 100 Usd millions
All winners at Arabnet
The digital impact on Arab countries industries
Arabnet opens tomorrow in Beirut with more than 1500 digital entrepreneurs
Interview to Sandhya Polu, Director of the Digital Economy Forum
Save the Mom launches!
Executives from Google, Facebook, Menlo ventures and others speaking at Arabnet
ArabNet expands prospects for entrepreneurs and digital professionals across an array of industries in the Arab region
Populis expands to South America
Startupbusiness is a global partner of Microsoft BizSpark Plus
Startupbootcamp opens in Amsterdam, next: Berlin and London
Adv moving up 50%, Italy mobile to challenge
Startup Etalia, innovating in publishing services, ready to launch in April
Italy and Mediterranean Area, the 2011 report
Iban angels cheer Minister Passera
Milan boosts Euro-Mediterranean strategies and partnership for SME
Quantica evolves to Principia
Italian Innovation Day : why Italy matters to the world
dotSUB appoints David Orban as CEO
Bclever, ClouDesire, Tensive e Smart Domotics vincitori di Unicredit Start Lab
Sep Monitor, ecco le 108 startup italiane pronte a spiccare il salto
Tanta voglia di IoT per Replay
Normativa sulle startup, le proposte di Expo delle Startup per migliorarla
Crollano gli investimenti early stage in Italia, primo semestre 2014 fermo a 17 milioni di euro
Spotlime: Milano fa il tifo per noi
Amiko, the first wearable activity track for medical packages goes on Indiegogo and is finalist at Pioneers Festival
Attenzione, arriva Smart&start, solo poche ore per partecipare!
Innogest annuncia il secondo closing a 70 milioni di euro
Parkey App
KetchApp, giochi mobile e realtà aumentata in Italia
Memeoirs, la startup che crea libri dai tuoi contenuti digitali, verso il prossimo fundraising
InnovateUK14, l'innovazione britannica
Premio Demattè Private Equity of the Year, 23 operazioni finaliste a contendersi il riconoscimento
Gli auguri di Natale? Un'occasione di marketing anche per le startup
International Accelerator e Startupbusiness insieme per le startup che vogliono andare in USA
Cibando acquisita da Zomato, Guk Kim country manager alla guida del mercato italiano
Medtech, PlumeStars ottiene la certificazione di farmaco orfano, passo avanti per la cura della fibrosi cistica
Cos'è Harika, l'applicazione per la local search dei parrucchieri
Regione Basilicata, fondo di venture capital da 8 milioni di euro insieme ai privati
illcare, il farmacista a portata di App
Why is it so hard to grow a company from 5 to 100 people?
Dal kitesurf a KiteGen, startup ad alta quota
Il primo Robocoin di Milano a Talent Garden
TheFork, Tripadvisor banchetta in Italia
Impact accelera, tre startup italiane nel primo batch
Risultati Digital Magics 2014, investimenti, exit, network
Redooc, la matematica è pop
2014 Female Founders in Tech - Girls in Tech Italy
Da SiamoSoci a Mamacrowd, l'impatto dell'equity crowdfunding
#IoT, Breed Reply punta su Brain Control
#IoT, previsioni al 2020 in infografica
Map2app, si va Chiasso da Bravofly
Paisan, tutta l'esperienza food italiana, in una scatola
Cloud computing e Made in Italy nel mirino di Digital Magics e Innogest
MilkyWay chiude un nuovo round da 500 mila euro e punta sull'Abruzzo
BIOerg, startup a base di destrano, in crowdfunding
Withfounders investe 500K in Chorafarma
PubCoder rivoluziona l'editoria digitale
Cassa Depositi e Prestiti fa il Venture Capital
Slowd: il design a km0
Seejay ritorna al b2b e lancia crowdfunding
Musement: round a 5 Ml, pronti allo scale-up
Normativa startup, l'appello dell'ecosistema
Nasce MediaTek Ventures, vc da 300 Ml $
TechStars punta startup europee e apre a Berlino
Helpling acquisisce Spickify, ecco la nuova strategia Rocket Internet
ByoMusic: l’artigianato musicale abbraccia il digitale
Dati Aifi 2014, l'Italia col freno a mano
Radio Start Me Up, la voce dell'innovazione al sud
BabyGuest, la startup "kid friendly" che parte dall'Italia guardando al mondo
Sonita, il veicolo elettrico Made in Italy
750K per Inventia, startup che rivoluziona il retail
Food startup: Buslin salverà l'Africa dalla malnutrizione
Listupp, la sfida italiana a Shopalike
Artplace: iBeacon per l'arte al Collision Conf di Las Vegas
Egomnia diventa internazionale
#cresciamoinsieme: EconomyUp e Startupbusiness si alleano per fare sistema
LiberBook, la libreria digitale made in Bari
Marianna Vianello con Kid Pass vince lo Startup Program
UK trampolino delle startup libanesi
Sticker Mule in Italia, in groppa a Unixstickers
B Corp, ecco il manuale
Yemen: startup e digitale oltre la guerra
StartMiUp, nuova call per startup
Glickon, il recruiting gamificato, raccoglie investimento seed
Raccoglie 470 mila euro Gourmant, è il prossimo Eataly?
BIOerg raccoglie su NextEquity 450 k
Con i big data Brandon entra nella moda
Il lessico per capire Shark Tank
GeniusLab, palcoscenico per i ricercatori
Street food? lo trovi con un'app
Shark Bites, il veicolo d'investimento degli shark
Hangound, micro eventi per conoscere nuove persone
Hangound, changing the way people meet
Lo scaleup dell'ecosistema europeo
Mukako, la startup che si prende cura dei genitori
Wise raccoglie tre milioni di euro per lo sviluppo clinico
Vento d'innovazione al Vendée Globe 2015 con Imoca 60 e Andrea Mura
PetMe, il social Petwork, raccoglie un investimento angel di 175 mila euro
PetMe raccoglie altri 250 mila euro
Lelylan, la piattaforma per creare oggetti connessi in 15 minuti
Bocconi Start-up Day Award
Investimenti stranieri diretti, il nuovo schema
Chi ha vinto Share in Action?
Fastweb sceglie i Pos di Jusp, nasce Fast Pos
Tutored lancia il servizio di Tutoring Online
Cambio di vertice in IAG, Antonio Leone è il nuovo Presidente
Bicocchi Pichi è il successore di Donadon alla guida di Italia Startup
Blockchainlab: Milano alla guida dell’innovazione fintech
Kuldat raccoglie 1,5 ml da United Ventures
Per Sailsquare altri 500 k, rotta sui Caraibi
Italian sound, Sounday acquisisce Soundtracker
BabyGuest lancia su Eppela una campagna di crowdfunding
Feeding the Accelerator, ecco le dieci startup selezionate
Energy makers, My Solar Family è la startup per voi
Digital Borgo stringe accordo con SiamoSoci
Nella smart city, erba tech per orti e tetti
InsuranceUp, cosa succede tra tech & assicurazioni
WeNote, la startup che estende la tua memoria con i beacon
Wayonara fa equity crowdfunding su Tip Ventures
iTalentJob: come si rendono più competitivi i giovani italiani
Fare cose che non scalano e gestire i media
Bip entra nel capitale di OpenKnowledge
IntendiMe, smart home per non udenti
Notum, la piattaforma per giornalisti debutta a settembre
Oltre 4 milioni di euro per cleantech startup
Startupper, innamoratevi delle assicurazioni
Il futuro del Bitcoin è in Europa
Da manager a investitori: 830k a pmi e startup in 2 mesi
Bauzaar raccoglie 250 mila euro da Club Digitale e P101
Gipstech, nuovo round da 400 k
Series A per 1 milione € a Fazland
Human Capital Index 2015 - Map
MotorK punta al decollo internazionale con ScaleIT investe 5 milioni di euro in Uala, startup del mondo beauty
Satispay, nuovo round da 3 milioni
Ganiza, il social planner finalista a .itCup 2015
D-Orbit col nuovo round da 1,8 ml si va nello spazio
Il nuovo adv passa dai selfie su Facebook, con Friendz
P101 e il founder di Bravofly investono in Octorate
LVenture e un gruppo di angel investono 500K nella startup Filo
Aster porta in Silicon Valley 10 giovani dell'Emilia Romagna
Reverse charge per il credito Iva
United Ventures investe 500mila euro in Meritocracy
Arriva in Italia la Singularity University
Soundreef, 3,5 per la startup che farà concorrenza alla Siae
Scent, la startup che ha vinto il Premio Marzotto 2015