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Pubblicato il 04 Mag 2012

20lin.es is the new Italian based startup which develops the idea of the 'collective writing'. The startup is unveils itself at the International book fair in Torino starting May 10th.

Following is a description of 20lin.es characteristics

20liners and main milestones

We are a young Italian team made of 10 people of which 4 founders and 6 collaborators all aged between 24 and 26. We started 20lin.es at the beginning of the year and we plan to launch our Beta version by the 10th of May, during the International Book Fair in Turin where we'll have the chance to present it in front of a huge crowd of publishers, writers and media partners.

At a glance

20lin.es is a web platform that combines collective writing and interactive reading aiming to innovate the way a book is brought to life.

How it works: a simple 20×6 format

Everyone who loves writing and is good at it can easily become an author of a 20lines' Pill in just 20 days. A Pill is a short story made of 6 sections of max 20lines each.

_At any moment, 20lin.es selected users can start a new story by writing a (max) 20lines input that will stay active for 20 days.

_If other users like such input, they can decide to contribute to the story by writing a second section of max 20lines.

_More users can then decide to either continue the story by adding a new section or to re-write the previous one. In such a way, every input can be developed in a large/endless number of possibilities.

_Every story can have max 6 sections while each section can be voted, commented and shared by any user.

_At the end of the 20 days of activity of the input, there will be a 6-sections story with the highest approval. It has finally became a Pill and it will be digitally published.

_20lin.es publications will collect 20 different Pills originated from 20 different inputs or the 20 most liked stories started from the same input.

_20lin.es publications will be sold on: iTunes, Amazon and directly on 20lin.es

Other functionalities

Not only innovative publishing but also:

_Contest rewarded. Individuals, companies and institutions can submit a 20lines input, define guidelines, establish a reward and launch a contest that will follow the classic 20lin.es format. On the other side, every registered user can take part in the contest and have the chance to win part of the reward.

It can work for any kind of story, short movies script and advertising scripts

_Social functions. Every registered user can become follower of other users and they can also bookmark single inputs and stories. Internal messaging will be available for all users.


On the marketing side, we are building a great network of professional and famous writers (mainly Italians at the moment), while also collaborating with some top Italian universities to attract talented young writers.

In conclusion, 20lin.es aims at creating high quality written content to enhance the relationship between the human culture and the digital world.

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