Startupbusiness is a web platform aimed to stimulate and support relationships, matching, deals, share of information among the main actors of the innovation ecosystem.

Startups and spin-offs, investors, universities, institutions, incubators, research centers, science and technological parks, companies find in Startupbusiness network a very useful tool that allows direct and democratic relations between them and can bypass any kind of physical, geographical and structural barrier.

Mission of the network is therefore to create and offer a “business web-lounge” where people can easily know what is going on in the Italian ecosystem (events calendar is available and can be update by any single member); startuppers have the possibility to know who are the main investors of their business sector or to meet other entrepreneurs engaged on complementary projects; startuppers have also the chance to be selected in order to participate to speed-dating or pitching events that Startupbusiness srl (which runs the site) organize by itself or as a service for third parts. Actually Startupbusiness is already partner (for the scouting of projects) of Start-up Initiative by Intesa Sanpaolo, the main Italian bank group, and Smau – Percorsi dell’Innovazione, the main Italian Ict trade show! That’s the reason why an Italian startup have to register to the network and put its logo and info on Startupbusiness base page.

At the same time, the network is a useful application for the other side of Italian innovation ecosystem (investors, companies and institution) that may offer specific and direct information about their work, methods, projects; they have the opportunity for detecting and meet team members; for companies trying to become more competitive on global market without R&D department in house, a look into Startupbusiness base may be more than interesting.

Like all social network, Startupbusiness allows member to communicate in different ways via blog, forum, video, mailing, calendar: any of them can be the right one to aware prospects about us and our projects, to disseminate news and knowledge that can be relevant to all and to create culture of innovation and business. The activities of members within the network is very important because it promotes the growth of the total value of the network and the value of each user and its relations system.

Startupbusiness aims to become an international hub for Italian innovators, so even if you are abroad and interested in the innovation ecosystem don’t hesitate to registrate


Startupbusiness is made by Emil Abirascid, Marco Abiuso, Donatella Cambosu, Giancarlo Mariani, Davide Milesi, Paolo Meola, Edoardo Bracaglia with the contribution of Sara Bonomelli (logo) and all the members that give life to, enrich and make special this business network

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