A wide international view of start-up scene at Bloom event in Milan

Pubblicato il 13 Mag 2013

A full day in the innovation planet. The first edition of Bloom event organized by U-Start in Milan showed the many faces of the meaning of doing and supporting innovative start-ups. The event, hosted by the big spaces of Fabbrica del Vapore, presented a series of panels and a series of pitches by start-ups selected and trained to present at their best. Good ideas, good presentations, and a tough competition. But what are the main aspects of the Bloom event? First of all was a real international event, conducted entirely in English, something that is not yet so common at events about start-ups in Italy, with the participation of a series of high level speakers from all over the world.

I personally was asked to moderate the panel with the international accelerators that saw on the stage Marcelo Sales founder of 21 212 based in Brasil, Stefano Zorzi founder of 88MPH with presence in Kenya and South Africa, Marina Treshchova CEO of Fastlane ventures of Russia, Jens Lapinski co-founder of Forward Labs in United Kingdom and Sebastian Feldmann associate of Mas Angel Fund of Germany. All of them described their respective accelerating programs and all the initiatives despite based in different part of the world are very similar on the basic models, this means once more how the start-up ecosystem is developing following similar paths and with a worldwide vision and approach. All speakers pointed out they are working both to support domestic growth start-ups and are open to support start-ups coming from abroad that are interested to expand in their respective markets.

This aspect is very important because underline how the cross-border development and investing on start-ups is growing rapidly and how not only start-uppers need to have a worldwide vision but also acceleration programs and in general all actors of the start-up ecosystem around the planet.
In some cases, for example the emerging markets of Africa, Brasil and Russia, the opportunity are huge but also the digital start-up ecosystem is not yet fully developed, Marcelo Sales pointed out how in Brasil there is for example a huge lack of technical skills, while in Russia are the exits one of the aspects on which is important to work on in order to make further step to develop start-ups, same in Germany said Sebastian Feldmann because one or two big exits are needed in order to show how the dart-ups are really able to create value in terms of economy development and creation of job places. In Uk said Jens Lapinski the regulatory scenario is very good but is very important to develop start-ups very high scalable and able to conquer markets around the world.
The program of Bloom was very intensive and rich of ideas, visions and enriched with a series of interesting point of views and considering how so many people followed it al day long from 9 in the morning to 7.30 in the afternoon was able to transmit and to share a real worldwide panorama on the importance of the start-ups and the ecosystem that is helping these innovative companies to grow up faster and internationally.

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