Admantx closes a second round with investor

Pubblicato il 12 Gen 2013

“After the first round of investment we closed on June 2011 at 2 millions of euros, now we are announcing the second round at 1 million euro in order to boost the international expansion”, says to Startupbusiness Giovanni Strocchi, Ceo of Admantx. The new round is made by Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno which did also the first round and will allow the company to further expand it's activities in Italy, US and Uk where is already present and to open to new markets like France and Germany very soon.

ADmantX is the Leader in Semantic Contextual Targeting in Web advertising. Company is present and active in USA and Europe and offers services in 13 languages. ADmantX is a spin off of Expert System funded in 2010. Fast growing in market relevance, development of operations and commercial results. Admantx offers to Publisher, Adnetwork ( and indirectly to Agencies trough the integration with key RTB-Real Time Bidding platforms) the best context information on contents ( page text, Video, Images) understanding and classifying web pages based on the content included like a human would do.

It's unique NLP-Natural Language Processing technology is based on the Semantic understanding of the content and not on statistic of Keywords. This allow to: offer the richest set of categories to describe the content/context (more than 700 categories IAB –International Advertising compliant); identify emotions, sentiments, intentions (“frame of mind” generated on the customer by the content of the page): unique feature; allow our customers to create ad hoc segments (“Admant” of the content searched) to better target campaign on specific contents/context : unique feature; offer the best Brand Safety offer for Brands and campaigns.

Admantx's cloud architecture transact today 10Bio pages/months with response analysis time of 2msec. Top customers are , among others: CNBC, AT&T in USA, Banzai in Italy and Company is integrated in key Adexchanges such as Appnexus, TURN.

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