At Pioneers Festival the best of European Startup scene

Pubblicato il 20 Set 2012

Forget Silicon Valley, there is a growing European Startup scene bubbling and most of it will be joining Pioneers Festival in Vienna at the hand of October (28-31)!

Imagine: more than 850 startups from 58 different countries and every single continent applied for the Pioneers Challenge, and among these only the very best 50 are being invited to the Pioneers Festival itself and therefore one step closer to the € 25,000 prize money and the Pioneers Award.

The selected 50 come from different locations: 8 teams are from Germany and seven from Austria, from the United States and Spain are four teams each, Russia, France and Great Britain are represented by three teams each and Poland, Luxemburg, Italy and Sweden by two teams each.
Furthermore there are Israel, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, India, Slovakia,
Portugal, Switzerland and Ghana in the Top 50 represented by one start-up each.

Take a look to this infographic to see who will be there.

For Italy BrainControl and Tanaza are on board, they both are breakthrough technologies in such relevant field that we are really proud of them and wish the best. May the force be with you!

Startupbusiness is the only Italian Media Partner and will be at the event, cheering for them, if anyone want to join Early Bird Tickets are only available until September 28.

All 50 start-ups are going to present their business in front of the jury and investors like Earlybird, Accel Partners und Holtzbrinck Ventures on the Investors Day, October 29, 2012 at the Haus der Industrie in Vienna. That’s where the best and final eight start-ups will be selected, which enables them to present their idea in front of 2500 international guests on the Conference Days in the Hofburg. The winner will be rewarded with €25,000 prize money and the Pioneers Award.

Let's see, from the PR, what Pioneers Festival is going to be…

Pioneers Festival from October 29 to 31 in Vienna – #1 event for the start-up world

Just like last year, STARTeurope does everything to boost start-ups and entrepreneurship in Vienna and improve the networking between different countries all over the world.
This year, the international start-up scene will come together with 2500 guests within the walls of the beautiful Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna. It is going to be a unique meet up between entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, bloggers, journalists and of course tomorrow’s pioneers.

60 world-class speakers like Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress), Adam Cheyer (founder of Siri), Esther Dyson (VSC, Chairman at EDventure Holdings) and Lars Hinrichs (founder of XING) are part of the Pioneers Festival on two stages:
Current and future technology and innovation trends are discussed interactively at the main stage, the “Trailblazers Track”, which purpose is to inspire people, enable participants to get to know the Start-up industry, provide a glance at future subjects and to discuss topics like Medtech and Big Data.

Stage 2, the so called “Startup Academy”, provides participants with know-how from experienced founders. Mentors like Peter Vesterbacka (CMO Angry Birds), Björn Lasse Hermann (Founder of Startup Genome) or Sean Ellis (Lean Startup Guru) are going to talk about their achievements and they will give useful tips which can be used by every single person to improve their business.

The Conference Days are a mixture between discussions, speeches and interactive workshops with topics concerning entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.
Festival feeling is ensured by local and international focus events, entertainment, extreme sports sessions, gaming and a huge Halloween closing party.

And finally, if anybody wants to do 24 hours of coding prior to the Pioneers Festival is more than welcome to join the Pioneers Hackathon, enabled by Erste Group, on October 27. Each member of the two winning teams receives € 1,337 and furthermore every team which is able to produce a prototype at the Hackathon gets rewarded with free developer tickets to the Pioneers Festival. In order to receive more information and/or to apply for free click here.

It sounds good, isn't it?

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