Dental Glass, the first application of Google Glass for dentists

Pubblicato il 25 Lug 2014

Born in Italy, the first solution that applies the use of Google Glass in the dental sector. Dental Glass is a tool for dentists based on Goggle Glass connected to the management software, to make daily work in dental clinics easier.

It will be available on the Italian market by the end of 2014.

Behind this new product, two partners sellwell e Gerhò, both from Bolzano: the first is a marketing and communication agency, which works unconventionally, leveraging new technologies (e.s. AR) to promote brands and products.

Gerhò, instead, is a commercial partner and distributor, in Italy and European countries, of products for dentists and dental technicians.

Together, they developed a solution to optimise the management of the surgery or dental centre with a software that is one of a kind. They'll be the first company in Italy to introduce Google Glass in the Italian B2B market.

The Dental Glass video:

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