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Pubblicato il 24 Lug 2014

Today, the Italian startup accelerator B-Ventures, backed by Buongiorno (DOCOMO Deutschland GmbH), announced the born of Impact, a brand new program to accelerate mobile startups in Europe.

Italian local venue will be in Milan.

Impact project involves a consortium of organisations which are ISDI and SeayaVentures (both Spanish) and the Danish Consulting Firm Teknologiudviking ApS.

IMPACT is endowed with 6.4 Million Euros (coming from the European Commision for the implementation of its FI-PPP (Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership) to invest in mobile startups wherein these funds, which amount to an average of 100,000 euros per project, will be non-recoverable without equity consideration.

IMPACT has designed a unique acceleration process for start-ups, based on high performance and transparency. It will launch 3 European open calls in 2 years’ time to gather hundreds of start-ups. Its model is based on a demanding selection process in phases, a specialized 6-month mentoring program, digital management training of start-ups and additional financing phase for the most outstanding projects.

According to the official press release, IMPACT aims to perform with a different model with respect to other acceleration programs in Europe:

– Financing Model: The subsidy of up to 100,000 Euros is non-recoverable; the start-ups are not
obliged to exchange equity shares. Moreover, financing will be disbursed in three installments
depending on the attainment of the business milestones.
– Profile of the start-ups: IMPACT is focused on mobile internet projects, with European scope, both
in the start-up as well as in growth phase.
– Multi-level process of selection: With an online platform, a panel of independent experts, and
different assessment methods of the project.
– Process of integral acceleration: including a training and mentoring program lead by a global
network of mentors and trainers paid by the accelerator.
– Network of venues and premises: premises from ISDI in Madrid, Barcelona and from b-ventures in
Milan and accesses in 14 countries starting with the second investment phase


Nacho de Pinedo, CEO of ISDI, explains that “IMPACT has been created with the purpose of contributing to the development of the European entrepreneurial ecosystem, with special emphasis on countries like our that specifically need to promote digital entrepreneurship. We have therefore designed an ambitious model of acceleration which will allow start-ups to take full advantage of the business opportunities existing in the mobile field leading them to achieve global scale and dimension.”

Fernando González-Mesones, CEO of Buongiorno, comments: “We are delighted with the launch of IMPACT, its emphasis on the development of European digital ecosystems and contribution to employment generation. We will support 64 startups chosen in the next two years, through our experience in mobile internet, to achieve their business goals. “

Michael Kleindl, founder & director partner at Seaya Ventures: “To Seaya Ventures is an ideal opportunity to be close to the next digital stars in the mobile environment both in Spain and abroad. We can support, from initial stages, promising projects and accompany the best throughout his business life. “”

Mauro del Rio, founder of Buongiorno and b-ventures said : ” We are really proud for the launch of IMPACT, is an important project for the development of European digital ecosystems and is a vital contribution to job creation. We will support the start-up selected in the next two years, through our experience in the mobile internet, to help them achieve their business success”.

Full press release here.

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