Gartner says Italian startup Blomming is e-commerce cool vendor

Pubblicato il 13 Apr 2012

Gartner, the market analysis company, affirms electronic commerce is becoming more and more important for the economy and it selects the best e-commerce companies worldwide including the Italian startup Blomming.

Following is the press note released by Blomming.

Rapid worldwide growth in E-Commerce is pushing forward innovation in this field, making technologies more accessible, easy to use and pervasive. In particular, “Rapid integration with social sites, reductions in cost and time to market, and decreases in complexity are high priorities for retailers and manufacturers looking to drive more business through e-commerce channels”, says Gartner Inc., worldʼs leading information technology research and advisory company. This is because “By 2015, companies will generate 50% of Web sales via their social presence and mobile applications”.

Blomming, one of the first in Europe to offer an open platform to sell on Social Media, has been selected as “Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012”. The report can be acquired on Gartner.com1 and highlights interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services. Among the emerging E-Commerce trends in 2012 Gartner underlines “open source, social site integration and multichannel E-Commerce”. The latter two are precisely at the core of Blommingʼs offering.

“Being considered Cool Vendor by Gartner is a great result, worldwide” – says Matteo Cascinari, Blomming CEO. “We believe this designation affirms not only the original vision of Nicola Junior Vitto, our founder, but also of the ability of this young company to build a leadership in technology, audience and market”. – Cascinari continues: “Our solution has already been adopted by more than 5.000 sellers, that opened an online Shop with us. And the international audience is growing fast: this is one of our priorities in the near future”.

The number of new Shops opened with Blomming in Q1 2012, in comparison with the same period of the previous year, has grown of 372%. Year-on-year overall growth, at the end of Q1 2012, has reached 923%. The number of products on sale has recently passed the milestone of 60.000 units. The more remarkable among these are selected and spotted on, a shopping storefront that adds to the many opened by our sellers and targeted to be a primary destination for unique, creative products from all over the world.

Blomming allows to everybody, individuals and small businesses, to sell on its own website, blog or Facebook Page, or directly on Blomming. The platform is centrally managed and optimized for user interaction in various Social environments. In this way, reaching millions of potential customers with few clicks is easy and fast, and it can be done worldwide thanks to multilingual support (in English, Spanish and Italian). Blomming is the ideal tool for whoever wants to develop its sale business without huge investments in a proprietary system.

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