Growth Hacking – Myth or Reality? feat. LinkedIn, Quora, Zillow, Yesgraph

Pubblicato il 02 Set 2015

Often misunderstood, growth hacking is NOT about magically achieving hockey-stick growth by using short-term hacks. It’s about continuously trying to find scalable and repeatable ways to grow using the power of people, data, technology, marketing and creativity. Our panelists discuss the art and science of building a sustainable growth engine. Featuring Aatif Awan, Head of Growth, LinkedIn; Ivan Kirign, CEO, YesGraph (former Growth at Dropbox); Nate Moch, VP Growth, Zillow; and Robert Cezar Matei, Head of Growth, Quora. Moderated by Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch. Traction Conf Vancouver 2015 -

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