H-umus, new exit for H-Farm

Pubblicato il 19 Nov 2012

An early autumn marked by a new exit for H-FARM: H-umus Gruppo TeamSystem, point of reference in Italy for the software business market and services, believed in this initiative by acquiring the majority of H-umus for a total consideration of approximately € 4 million.

“We are very pleased with this exit, both for the profit and for the partnership with TeamSystem.” – said Riccardo Donadon, founder of H-FARM – “With the sale of almost all of our shares of this “little gem” we have proven once again that you can make innovation in Italy, accelerating companies and funding youth.”

“2012 has been a very important year the development decree has given a huge boost in the digital environment.” – Continues Riccardo Donadon – “This transaction marked a new future for H-umus, offering new opportunities for growth in a highly innovative sector and, at the same time, marked the seventh great success of H-FARM, confirming the validity of the incubation model developed.”

H-umus HQ will stay here at H-FARM. Good luck farmers!

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