Iban angels cheer Minister Passera

Pubblicato il 21 Dic 2011


Italian angels represented in IBAN association express support to the Italian Minister of Economic Development Corrado Passera, in a formal letter they appreciate specifically the introduction of a measure called ACE (allowence for corporate equity) which may facilitate the involvement of venture capital in supporting the creation of innovative enterprise.


ACE, part of the measures for enterprise and economic growth, essentially provides a tax credit for companies and entrepreneurs who invest capital in the company: that is, the Ace will benefit both entrepreneurs reinvesting their profits and liquidity in the enterprise, as individuals such as business angel investing venture capital in startup companies.


The regulations implementing the measure ACE are still pending before the Government and IBAN Association is willing to cooperate with regard to the aspects that can impact and enhance the role of the angel investor to generate new innovative business and jobs.


“Over the years as an association we have supported the growth of angel investing culture in Italy, it was not a simple job because of the gap (in terms of venture capital approach)  between Italy and other developed Countries and because of legal and fiscal barriers. – says Tomaso Marzotto Caotorta, General Secretary at IBAN (in picture) – But in the last years we saw an explotion of interest, of group of angels, of deals.Tax relief prescribed by ACE is a positive signal from the Governement, an encouragement to invest in innovative start-ups and development. “




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