Italian start-up SEM+ wins Intel Europe business challenge 2013

Pubblicato il 19 Giu 2013

The Italian start-up SEM+ which developed a specific tecnology recognise the pressure on touch screen adding a new dimension and functions to applications on mobile devices has won the third edition of Intel Business Challenge Europe in Dublin today.

The start-up was selected among 24 finalists from all over Europe and will be send to the worldwide finals in Berkeley California next October. With SEM+ there are other four winners, on the second place is Excalibur from Slovak Republic with an innovative authentication system, at the third position another Italian start-up: Tensive that developed a system to create biocompatible tissues. All these start-ups will go to Berkeley with also the fourth and the fifth : Gameleon from Bulgaria and BioRepeller from Denmark.

The first three winners will receive also a money prize and Intel based mobile devices for each member of the team.

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