Klash announces initial investment round

Pubblicato il 09 Feb 2013

First round of investment closed with Venista Ventures and Eierfabrik by the Berlin-based startup Klash today announced the release of a major update of its iOS application as well as its first round of funding in company history. Klash, the platform that lets people challenge and dare their friends for fun, honor and actual rewards, announced this news as it drives distribution of its product in 2013.

The new version of the Klash iPhone app comes along with a better interface and animated GIFs for cooler proofs and a better overall Klash experience. It is now easier than ever to create fun and daring content. The original version of the app went online last fall and received very good reviews from its user base, scoring 4,9 out of 5 stars so far on average on the Apple AppStore.

“There is still road to do before to say if our sart-up will be successful but today we can announce an important step forward for Klash. WE closed the first investment round here in Germanynd laucnhed a new version with a lot of surprises for our users. We are happy but we also know this is the first important step to reach our vision”, says to Startupbusiness Alessandro Petrucciani one of the founders of Klash.

The truly international team of five (Austria, Argentina, Germany, Italy and Turkey) have also successfully finalized talks with two investors from Germany. The lead role in this first funding round, the total amount of which remained undisclosed, goes to Cologne-based mobile investor Venista Ventures, whose COO Kai Schmude said: “In Klash we found a passionate and driven team and a great idea. We’re happy to get the chance to support them on their way to success.” Schmude further explained why Venista Ventures became a shareholder: “Klash is a new project full of potential that merits engagement because they are putting a lot of focus on interacting with their users specifically through mobile channels.” The second company to invest in Klash in this first funding round is Eierfabrik, also a Cologne-based investor.

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