Reid Hoffman: come essere un grande founder

Pubblicato il 23 Lug 2015

Per la serie “How to start a startup”

Lecture 13 – How to be a Great Founder (Reid Hoffman)

So you’ve learned how to get started, how to raise money, how to build products, and how to grow. Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin and Partner at Greylock Ventures, addresses many of the questions and confusions that might be cropping up – How to be a Great Founder.

 …So let’s start with the perception of what a great founder is. And classically this tends to be Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos. And it’s an image of founder as Superwoman, or Superman, who has this panopticon of skills…

…One way, I think, to explode the myth of super founder is usually it’s best to have two or three people on a team rather than a solo founder. It’s not to say that solo founders don’t actually play out and they can, successfully. But most often two or three people is much better…

…The reason why Silicon Valley startups are so successful is because all of these great people–immigration which is hugely important for talent and founders that immigrate here….

…Pivot, be flexible. Part of the thing this comes out to be in terms of being a great founder is to say well, when should I be persistent and when should I be flexible…

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