Lecture 14 - How to Operate - Startup Business
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Lecture 14 – How to Operate

How to start a startup series

Lecture 14 – How to Operate (Keith Rabois)

What should the CEO be doing on a day to day basis? How do you make sure the company is moving in the right direction?

Keith Rabois, Partner at Khosla Ventures and former COO of Square, tackles the nitty gritty – How to Operate. Lots of actionable takeaways from this lecture!

 … So basically what you are doing when building a company is building an engine….

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Digital Transformation

…As Warren Buffett says, build a company that idiots could run because eventually they will. So this is what you want. Basically a performance machine that idiots can run. Now as a leader, what is your real job, what’s your role?

...So that’s your job too, is to clarify and simplify for everybody on your team. The more you simplify, the better people will perform. People can not understand and keep track of a long complicated set of initiatives. So you have to distill it down to one, two, or three things and use a framework they can repeat, they can repeat without thinking…

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23 luglio 2015


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