Il design dei prodotti hardware

Pubblicato il 23 Lug 2015

How to start a startup series

Lecture 17 – How to Design Hardware Products (Hosain Rahman)

Hosain Rahman, CEO and Founder of Jawbone, covers the design process for building hardware products users love.

Wearables are going to be the center of this revelation around everything being connected and smart. We are going to drive what a lot of those interactions are going to be and how they’re going to work. That’s the first principal that we think about. Where are things going? What should we build and how should we think about new categories….

…We have to be amazing at building hardware. These are hardware experiences that people have to keep on all the time. You have to wear them 24/7 because if you don’t, then everything that I am talking about is a castle in the air…


…On the data side we have to know what to do with this massive amount of information. We have to know how to process it, push it, and have it work for the user…

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