Fare cose che non scalano e gestire i media

23 Lug 2015

Serie “How to start a startup”

Lecture 8 – How to Get Started, Doing Things that Don’t Scale, Press

Lecture 8 features 3 speakers:

Stanley Tang, Founder of Doordash, covers How to Get Started.

…We decided to create a simple experiment with restaurant delivery. We spent about an afternoon just putting together a quick landing page. When I went on the Internet, I found some PDF menus of restaurants in Palo Alto. We stuck it up there and added a phone number at the bottom, which was actually our personal cell phone number. And that was it…Someone called! They wanted to order Thai food. And we’re like, “This is a real order; we’re going to have to do something about it”….

Walker Williams, Founder of Teespring, covers Doing things that Don’t Scale.

… I want to talk to you about one of the most fundamental advantages you have as a start up, and that’s that you are able to do things that don’t scale…

Justin Kan, Founder of TwitchTV and Partner at Y Combinator, covers Press.

…When most people get started with entrepreneurship, they think about press and being in the press as something that happens magically….

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