MySmark, the personal widget to express what you feel

Pubblicato il 28 Dic 2012

MySmark is an innovative tool for interactive advertising and media developed and launched by B-Smark, a 2011 Dublin born start-up with 100% italian brain and soul.

After winning the irish start-up competition LiftOff at the National Digital Research Center in Dublin last year, MySmark has entered the 2012 Global Hot 100 award by World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and has recently received a nominee for the italian digital award of IlSole24Ore

MySmark is a unique online tool for marketing which enables a better interaction between users and content, consumers and brands, readers and publishers. It innovates the customer satisfaction paradigm introducing a personal user experience vocabulary: an easy & fun widget (aka Rose of Emotions) which allows you to express what you feel for a brand, a content, a place, and easily share it with your friends and followers.

“Our vision on the future of marketing is about trade-marks becoming smart-trade-marks thanks to more personal communication and conversations with users and consumers, higher intimacy and new skills and tools to monitor subjective sentiment and satisfaction” says Nicola Farronato, co-founder and CEO of B-Smark.

You can try MySmark and personalize your Rose of Emotions unlocking your personality directly from as webservice and bookmarklet, in Facebook as App, in WordPress and Drupal as plugin for your blog.

You can easily embed MySmark widget in your website too, directly from your menu “tools”.

To learn more you can watch the video and discover the world of smarks

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