Pick1 announces an investment round of 535,000 USD

Pubblicato il 18 Set 2012

Pick1 the start-up originally named Doochoo and founded in Italy by Armando Biondi and Paolo Privitera announce an investment round of 535,000 US dollars by several investors ledby ChileGlobal Angels. The company is presenting itslef in several events around the world including TechCrunch Rome on September 27th. Following is the press note released by the company.

Pick1 (formally Doochoo Inc.) closed a bridge round for $535,000 led by ChileGlobal Angels that brings the aggregated investment raised to date to $1M. Among the investors are Oliver Flogel, former CEO of Telefonica Chile; Jordi Ferrer, former Head of Digital of TNS Global; Wilson Pais, Head of Innovation of Microsoft; Gonzalo Begazo, former Finance Manager of Google.

To celebrate the event, Pick1 is releasing the new improved version of the platform and a brand new user experience. The company has received awards from PayPal X and Ernst & Young, among others, and was selected to be part of Start-Up Chile and START by F.ounders at Web Summit Dublin. As a plus, it's showcasing at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco and at TechCrunch Italy.

Pick1 belongs to the big data market with a specific focus on opinions, creating a new undiscovered data set uniquely positioning itself as the “sweet spot” between Market Research and Advertising. It disrupts both markets in one single shot by building a bridge between the two, with an approach based on three simple key concepts: questions, insights, actions.

By using Pick1's end-to-end solution, brands engage their users in a multi-touchpoint approach, collecting opinions on top of multidimensional social analytics. Pick1 then dynamically aggregates and clusters the collected information to deliver actionable data, for brands and SMBs alike to retarget their audience and critically improve their Return on Investment.

“We believe that the Advertising World should be more connected with the Market Research World, while usually the two areas don't talk to each other properly: partially because the latter hasn't seen real innovation in the last decade” says Jordi Ferrer. To solve this issue Pick1 offers a tangible solution to build a new type of multidimensional data graph: something like the ‘Freebase’ for Opinions.

To simplify, Pick1 can be seen as a super-charged business-oriented Facebook Questions; something that also adds value to blogs or websites currently using polling widgets without really getting anything out of it. Ikea, Toyota, Falabella, American Express, Pirelli, and other brands have already used Pick1, and even more will be able to do so as the San Francisco-based company uses its funding to boost operations in South Europe and expand in Latin America and the USA.

On top of that, several SMBs each day sign up to use the product with the self-provisioning version. The user base has grown more than 300% since the beginning of the year, counting now more than 140,000 profiled votes. The founders, Armando Biondi and Paolo Privitera, are structuring the company for scalability and are actively looking for strategic partners to consolidate and grow the business worldwide.

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