Pitch of the week – Sellf, the CRM beyond the CRM

Pubblicato il 21 Nov 2013

A new entry in H-Farm world (one of the best Italian incubator for digital startups) is Sellf, a startup fully focused in the development and launch of an App aimed to simplify the management of sales activities and customer relations.

Sellf is available at the moment only on AppStore.

Executive Summary

Sellf- The CRM after the CRM –

With Sellf you can keep track of day-to-day sales activities and customer relationship. Thanks to the streamlined interface, you can easily manage your contacts, create todo list, plan a meeting, save notes, associating every activity to different business opportunities.
In this way, you can keep under control your sales performance and track the activities you actually do to reach your objectives. Sellf helps you to understand where you should focus on, avoiding wasting your time on unprofitable deals.

-instantly record and update new contacts and sales opportunities;
-engage with your contacts like never before, swipe right to call and swipe left to send emails;
-set and change alarms and alerts quickly for every todo or appointment choosing the exact day and hour in which you want to recieve the notification, use the Get Things Done (GTD) method to be more efficient with your customers;
-automate your recurring tasks to boost your productivity: choose a todo amongst *call*, *send e-mail* or *plan a meeting*, tap on “Do it” when you are ready and let Sellf guide you;
-assign a status between in progress, won, lost or abandoned to every opportunity;
-visualize quickly the status of all your opportunities and simply swipe right or left to change it;
-see at a glance the most important deals marking those as “hot”
-keep your performance under control monitoring your sales pipeline;
-set your sales goals every month and check how you have been progressing.

What’s an opportunity?
Business opportunities are the lifeblood of any entrepreneurial activity. They represent the possibility for a sales representative or a professional in general to acquire a new client, a new distributor or a new contract for your own company, guaranteeing the growth. Opportunities can present themselves at any time, during a conference, a trade fair, a dinner, at any time of day and they must be seized immediately. Clients expect quick answers. Sellf allows you to record and update the opportunities, easily and immediately, wherever you are. You can insert a new opportunity simply by tapping on the + symbol and selecting “opportunity”: you’ll be guided through how to insert the essential information. When you touch the $ symbol you’ll immediately see all the opportunities you’re working on.

Who is Sellf for?
Sellf is the solution for professionals, agents, startup and SMEs. Sellf is designed for anyone who’s principal activity involves selling, such as sales representatives and agents, but also for freelancers, professionals and anyone who needs to dynamically manage their customer relations together with the management of their professional activities.

On which devices is Sellf available?
Sellf is currently available on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. It requires iOS 6.0 or later. The release of the iPad version and also the one for the web, which can also be used from the desktop, are expected in early 2014. Within March 2014 Sellf will be released on the Android platform.

The current version is free; a paid BIZ version will be released in early 2014 with extended features such as management of sales network, partnerships, statistics and sales forecasts.

More info and team http://sellfapp.com/team

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