Pitching Hacks

20 Nov 2015

Pitching Hacks è un ebook gratuito, realizzato da Venture Hacks (grande risorsa online per una serie di informazioni collegate allo startup e al funding).

83 pagine di suggerimenti da prendere in considerazione prima di avvicinare degli investitori.

Qui puoi scaricare Pitching Hacks gratuitamente.

Gli argomenti trattati sono:


What is traction?

Traction speaks louder than words


Why do I need an introduction?

Who makes the best introductions?

Who makes the worst introductions?

How do I get an introduction?

What should I send middlemen?

Use AngelList & StartupList

High-Concept Pitches 

What’s a high-concept pitch?

What makes a good high-concept pitch?

Why should I write a high-concept pitch?

Aren’t high-concept pitches too simple?

From incoherent to high-concept

Elevator Pitches

What’s an elevator pitch?

Why should I craft an elevator pitch?

Dissecting the elevator pitch

Elevator pitches with bullets


What’s a deck?

The best deck template in the universe

Tell a story with the slides

Format your deck

Business Plans

A sales pitch is not a business plan


Can I get investors to sign an NDA?

Pros and cons to sending a deck

Your deck can get in the hands of the competition

When to send a deck

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