Podim, the international start-up conference in Slovenia

Pubblicato il 09 Apr 2014

PODIM 2014 conference is taking place in Maribor, Slovenia on May 14 and 15 and is presenting as an 'unforgettable two-day entrepreneurial experience with more than 40 world-renowned speakers and entrepreneurship superstars, eminent investors and more than 500 start-up entrepreneurs from the region. Nobody will be able to remain indifferent when one of the biggest entrepreneurship conferences in the CEE region will help them discover hidden formulas, motivation and drive to build a globally successful start-up company'.

At a single event – says a note by the organizers – participants can meet entrepreneurship stars such as Mark Johnson, who launched the company ZITE and sold it for 20 million USD 6 months later, and Ash Maurya, the author of the book hit Running lean and a master of building lean, agile and globally successful start-ups. At the PODIM Challenge you can introduce yourself to eminent international investors from Founder Centric, Intel Capital, SpeedInvest, RSG Capital and other funds. PODIM Matching and PODIM 1:1 will also be organized, the first for leaders of start-up teams who seek co-founders or co-workers for realizing their idea and the second to offer the conference participants the possibility of a private mentoring session with a chosen speaker.

This year’s conference will have the spirit of an entrepreneurial roller-coaster, of adrenaline ascents and painful entrepreneurial falls. Throughout the two days, the conference will host a series of lectures, round tables, workshops and other motivational opportunities as well as the chance to learn from the best. Be amongst the first to find out which companies will hold the flattering title of the Slovenian start-up of the year 2014, as we will announce the winners of the national competition at the evening gala event. The most perspective start-up company will receive the crystal statue from the president of the country Borut Pahor. The events of the gala announcement will be followed by dinner, mingling with winners and guests and then partying until the early hours of the morning. For more information about the programme and the content, please visit www.podim.org.

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