Regional Italian VC fund invests in Adaptica

Pubblicato il 16 Gen 2012


Gianluigi Meneghini, Adaptica’s CEO, is excited to announce that today a group of companies invested € 640.000 in Adaptica. In particular Veneto Sviluppo, private equity company of the Veneto Region (Italy), invested € 400.000 acquiring the 24.34 % of the Adaptica’s shares.

Tommaso Occhipinti, Adaptica’s General Manager, says: “This important milestone allows Adaptica to develop its business plan based on adaptive optics technologies applied to industrial machines and instruments. Moreover the original business on the design, production and commercialization of off-the-shelf adaptive optics components will be further developed. These new funds allow Adaptica to be one the biggest players in the adaptive and smart optics market”.

Photonics West news

To see in practice Adaptica products and to discuss with Gianluigi Meneghini and Tommaso Occhipinti come to Photonics West 2012 (booth number 5627 in the North Hall) in San Francisco (CA, USA) from January 21st to 26th 2012. During MEMS Adaptive Optics VI, Tommaso Occhipinti, will show to the scientific community new results on SATURN push pull deformable mirror and some recent news on innovative Adaptica’s products.

About Adaptica

Adaptica is an Italian SME involved in the development of advanced optoelectronics systems in particular in the field of Adaptive Optics (AO). Adaptica designs and produces commercial adaptive optics systems for laboratories: wavefront sensors, active/deformable mirrors, real time control electronics and software applications for adaptive optics and its applications. By means of an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Edmund Optics (USA), Adaptica’s standard products are on all the international markets.

Adaptica research and development division is composed by a group of scientists with background expertise in adaptive optics for ultra-short pulses laser technology, astronomy, ophthalmology, non linear 

optics, optical detectors, GNSS timing systems and embedded systems for digital electronics and software programming. This mix gives to the Adaptica team the unique property to develop with a strong and underlying approach optical, electronic and software technologies. This vertical approach is fostering new technologies in the field of optoelectronics solutions giving Adaptica the possibility to be both a consulting and production company for smart optical systems.

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