Save the Mom launches!

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For the official launch ( today at a press conferencein Rome) they have chosen March the 8th, the International Women's Day, because their  App has the fundamental mission of helping today's super moms to manage family life, involving in a enjoyable way all family members: fathers, children, grandparents, unclesnannies.

Anyone can help update the shopping list, enter his scheduled commitments, and let others knows where he is: dashboard, calendar, shopping lists, check-in, are the features with which Save The Mom meets the needs of modern multitasking women, working each day on several fronts. Save The Mom guys are not  the first  to have developed a family organizer, Cozi is very famous in the U.S., they took also some good investment (see first photo below), but Save the Mom' s team is knowledgeable and smart, they are able to do really well .

The project was born last year in Milan, at a Startup Weekend,  where it qualified among the best projects. Save the Mom is now online for free download from the site and AppStoremeanwhile, a version for Android will be available soon (good, not everyone in the family uses Apple products!) 

Here's their cute video, characterized by the same vintage graphs of the app and their blog. 

Congratulations for the excellent work and commitment to David, Milo, Mark,Sarah and Andrea, good luck! 

soon we will tell more about them!

below some images unpublished taken at Startup Weekend in Milan ….


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