Skebby opens to international users

Pubblicato il 23 Mag 2012

Skebby is presenting its platform and innovative cloud SMS solutions to the international market by launching its site and solutions in English:
Alongside APIs to its SMS Gateway for sending and receiving text messages from any third party application or website, Skebby offers SMS Messenger, its innovative web application for sending and receiving SMS from any computer with an internet connection.

Skebby intends to broaden its user base for its SMS services, showing on the one hand how it is possible to replicate its home-grown success in Italy at international level, and on the other, allowing its business clients to make the most of the SMS channel both locally and abroad. Skebby will allow them to develop an SMS application just once, and use it anywhere in the world.

Skebby continues to shine as a successful early-stage tech start-up, with the potential to expand to international markets, demonstrating its determination and assurance when it comes to competing beyond national borders. Already dubbed “Skype for SMS” due to its mobile application – the first in the world to allow SMS to be sent for free from any mobile phone – Skebby is ready to embrace an exciting new challenge.

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