Startup Weekend Torino

Pubblicato il 12 Giu 2012

Startup Weekend Torino, international edition, wow!

Last weekend (June, 8-9-10) in Turin, the second edition of Startup Weekend Torino took place, thanks to I3P, Microsoft Bizspark, Top-Ix and Treatabit. About 120 highly trained guys and girls came to Turin from different places of Italy and Europe to attend the event, probably the most popular and passionate format for young developers and startuppers around the world.

On Friday 45 ideas were pitched and among them 15 were selected to be developed by the teams in the following hours, in order to arrive to Sunday evening with a product and a business plan authentic, credible and convincing.
Flanked by coaches and warm up by the speech that alternated in 54 hours (see complete list here), refreshed by the delicious food; pulled over with coffee, ice cream and drinks of various machines located in the corridors of I3P, the 15 teams worked restless and finally arrived to the moment of truth.
The three winning ideas were: Burst, developed by Andrea Gaiardo, Stefano Paluello, Devin Gaffney, Verbeeten Russell, Graham Gannon, an app based on innovative algorithms for information visualization that blended into a single stream of news official and unofficial sources ( as twitter or facebook); Intoino (Mark Besonzo idea), a mobile platform that allows even people not skilled to transform ideas in reality using one finger and Arduino platform; SpringTime (Gaia ​​Constantine), a social network for single who seeks people to share hobbies or sports.
A special mention for “creativity” was assigned by Torino Institute of Design to LinkedGreen, a digital solution designed by the Brazilian designer Carla Martins, in which, photographing the barcode of the products you can get information about eco-sustainability of their packaging.
Actually, at the Startup Weekend, all attendees always win: they take home a load of incredible energy, new skills, new knowledge. A touch of the atmosphere here.
The organizers of this edition were: Maximilian Ceaglio of I3P, Mario Fontana of Microsoft BizSpark, Agnese Vellar of Treatabit, Gabriele Costamagna of SportSquare and Giuseppina Fausto of Microsoft Innovation Center in Turin. They did a great job in involving participants from outside Italy, creating an international climate and giving new opportunities of cross-borders networking.
Where will it be, the next Startup Weekend?
Milan? Sardinia?
Stay tuned on Startupbusiness network!

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