StartuParty: party&pitches magic formula brought together 1000 startupers

Pubblicato il 13 Nov 2012

StartuParty rocks! the most important “business party” for the Italian startup world, which took place last night (12th november) in Milano as opening event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, surpassed the 850 attendees of last May's edition and registered almost 1000 people.

Most of the participants were obviously startupers and “wannabe” (ie young people who are approaching the business world), but there were also Italian and foreigner investors (in Milan these days the Med Forum 2012 dedicated to startup and SMEs system in the euro-Mediterranean area), creative professionals, opinion leaders, curious, journalists, bloggers.

At Road55, five startups selected in these last days (among dozens that applied) pitched on stage, below the list:

Moku, a webapp to take notes, collect and share them through a simple browser

VirtualScouting, a web platform where fans become talent scouts at no cost for teams

wpXtreme, a marketplace for certified WordPress plugins that can be installed as if they were app

Regalister, application that lets you share on fb the pictures of objects that you would like to receive as gift

VoiceMap, human-based platform to transform sounds and speeches into images

The choice of people voting the best startup via sms, was wpXtreme.

“StartuParty is becoming the main event for business networking in Italy for innovators and young entrepreneurs. – Said Francesco Inguscio, one of the movers of the event – Road55 (our pitching format) works, last may we could send one of the selected startups (20lines) to Seedcamp. Sometimes it worth to put aside the computer, leave your desk, for a few hours and spend an evening of fun and constructive networking with friends and new people, it is an investment on your future if you really believe in your project. Innovation needs to be “eco-systemic” and people can be “connected” thanks to events like StartuParty! '

StartuParty, at the moment, is a kind of no-profit initiative and all the passionate members of the team (young professionals in innovative fields, besides Francesco, Matteo Scarabelli, Anna Sargian, Nicolò Borghi, Paolo Meola) spent a lot of their time and efforts to constantly improve StartuParty events, where startupers can feel as rock stars and engage investors, and wannabe can approach startupworld in an easy way.

StartuParty saw also the pre-launch of a new big space in Milano (3000mq) a new house for innovation, for Startupbusiness and Talent Garden, the two companies that lead the project. It will be fully dedicated to co-working, incubators, developer, designer, VCs, makers, innovative companies, professionals, media agency, events, happenings. A Campus with euro-mediterranean ambitions, where people can share knowledge and know-how, developing new ideas, new projects, enabling startup ecosystem.

And last, but not least, at StartuParty the introduction of Girls in Tech Italy, the association born in San Francisco some years ago and focused on woman's innovative and entrepreneurial achievments in technology. The new Italian representative for GIT is Anna Sargian, that we are going very soon to interview.

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