Streamago, Tiscali latest innovation

Pubblicato il 23 Mag 2012

Tiscali do not stop to act as an innovative startup and presents its latest innovation: Streamago

Tiscali, one of Italy's leading telecommunications companies, following the success of its free version, introduced its new Streamago Premium professional live web broadcasting service which integrates live, linear and on-demand television.

Streamago Premium allows professionals and companies of all sizes and sectors to create their own channel in a simple and interactive way in order to broadcast their own events and television productions in real-time, worldwide.

Streamago is a platform that allows users to transmit live and recorded streaming of their broadcasts to any fixed (PC and Mac) or mobile device. The system is able to automatically store recordings of live events, enhance playlists and offer them in on-demand video mode.

This way all the ease and immediacy of Stremago Free is now accessible for professional users, providing a service capable of meeting both the needs of professional studios, SMEs and large companies.

Below are the main strengths of the service:

HD Quality

The broadcast can be viewed simultaneously by thousands of users, as is the use of multiple capture devices, whether with cheaper webcams or sophisticated professional video cameras. Additionally, with Streamago Premium, one can set the quality of the service by broadcasting HD content up to 1.7Mbps.

Thanks to Stremago Premium it's possible to broadcast live, record and view videos from any fixed device, iPhone or Android mobile, with the option of using any encoder compatible with Adobe Flash in the actual live TV production environment.

Customisable player and channels

Its users can be offered a unique viewing experience by completely customising the interface of its channels and video player.

Full control of the audience

With Streamago Premium access to channels can be controlled simply and effectively by setting a password or by registering a user via email.

Advanced Reporting

Premium users may benefit from detailed statistics of audience numbers, their characteristics, geographical location and method of use of the various contents.

Technical specifications, details of the commercial service provided, and other information is available at

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