Styloola raises more than 200 thousand euros on SiamoSoci

Pubblicato il 11 Set 2012

SiamoSoci, the online platform that helps innovative entrepreneurs to meet professional investors, announces that the Styloola start-up rised over 200 thousand euros. The operazion was entirely conducted on SiamoSoci and involved 10 different investors that started to show their interest in the start-up based in Milan and founded by Andrea Lorini and Marco Ottolini starting last May.

SiamoSoci (which Startupbusiness is a partner) released a press realease where Styloola founders says they will use the money rised to improve their mobile app that helps users to share preferences and information about fashion and to move the company headquarters to United Kingdom in order to better conquer the international markets and easier access to other investors to rise the second investment round that will be around 2 to 3 millions euros.

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