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Pubblicato il 16 Apr 2014

Every year hundreds of technology startups from Europe, Asia, the Americas and the rest of world attempt to enter the US market. Some do so with enormous success and resources, others less so or actually fail. What better way to understand what they tackled with than to ask them directly?

Startupbusiness is proud to be official partners of the first ever global survey of international technology companies entering the US market: FireMatter Views™, conducted by FireMatter LLC, a market development services firm based in San Francisco.

FireMatter believes in the power of factual data to inform decisions.

The survey methodically identifies the challenges that these international startups face when entering the US tech market and the strategies and tactics they employ to tackle them. The goal is to transform anecdotes into patterns.

Are you an early-stage international (non US) technology startup that has recently entered the US market or is planning to enter the US market in the near future?

Are you facing some specific market entry challenges and taking action to address or mitigate them?

How are you really doing?

Are the problems you are facing also other companies’ problems?

Are you preparing the right way?

Is your strategy the right one?

By aggregating responses from hundreds of startups this survey answers these questions!

Participants in the online survey (it takes 8 minutes) will get a copy of the complete FireMatter Views Survey Report 2014 at no cost, before it goes on sale. Startupbusiness will also publish the final data.

It’s a pretty good deal and of course the more startups take the survey the more valuable the results will be.

Tell us your story!

Take the survey now at http://firematter.com/views/

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