The Italian startup Eco4Cloud wins UP 2012 – Cloud Computing Conference in San Francisco

Pubblicato il 15 Dic 2012

The Italian startup Eco4Cloud wins the UP 2012 Cloud computing conference in San Francisco, specifically in the category “Best Data Center Infrastructure Management Solution 2012”.

The startup, which last April took a seed investment of 300k from Italian fund dpixel and Principia and is now in due diligence for a smart first round of 1,5 million euros, has deveoloped a breakthrough solution capable to cut down energy consumption in data center and get savings up to 35%.

Eco4Cloud solution organize modern cloud computing infrastructure and virtualisation platform in a new way, “an approach inspired by nature itself (the organization of ants) and that is self-organizing/statistical. Each server autonomously decides whether or not to accept a new application, or to ask the migration of an application to another server”.

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