U-START opens a call to enter for all early stage entrepreneurs

Pubblicato il 24 Mar 2014

Press Release

Interested in getting in touch with international investors and increasing your access to global markets? Then U-Start Conference Europe is for you!

U-Start Conference Europe will be held in Lugano, Switzerland on the 17th April 2014. 20 prominent ventures will pitch to a jury panel of industry heavyweights, in addition to an audience of local and global investors. Out of the top 20 pitches only 4 companies will be chosen to represent Europe in the U-Start Conference happening in Milan, Italy.
Each company profiled in our global conference series has been able to deliver their credentials to some of the most influential funders, business leaders and industry experts in the tech and digital arena, and now, we have progressed onto our final stage of the search – Lugano.
We have had an astounding success with our international event series in Sao Paulo and Cape Town. View the live stream of the conferences here

U-Start Conference Milan will gather together the very best of U-Start global network, in terms of investors with international investment outlook, such as VCs, family offices, high net-worth individuals, corporate ventures and top tier speakers and attendees. All the parties have one objective – to invest into european and second tier markets stand out ventures for 2014.


Submissions are already open until April, 3rd. To register go here and submit your executive summary and Pitch Deck presentation. If you are already registered on U-Start, please send at info@u-start.biz an e-mail and be sure to upload the mandatory documents.

Startups chosen to participate in the Lugano conference will need to fulfil a series of prerequisites:
• already raised some money from investors (Angels, VCs, Accelerators, Incubators, etc.)
• level of investment that each startup requires for a second round of funding should range between 300k – 1.5 Million to consolidate their business or scale abroad
• the call is open to any companies, preferably those already in a phase of revenue generation
• the tech startups' must demostrate a substantial mobile/social customer base or an existing business partnership for those targeting B2B markets.

• flights and accommodation for 4 nights in Italy in May 2014
• mentorship, incubation and a training week in Italy
• one on One Introductions to a wide network of pan-European Investors.
• 1 year free access to U-Start
• international Media Exposure
• exclusive networking opportunities
• free private desk at the U-Start Conference for the winner

For further information, please see website or contact info@u-start.biz

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