Workaway camp, the perfect working week

Pubblicato il 07 Feb 2014

Imagine a week without any disturbances – cleaning, cooking, studies, work, families and daily duties isn’t on your to do list.

The only thing is to focus on your project, in the best surrounding with like-minded people and all you need served for you.

Workaway camp has been held three times for Danish entrepreneurs, and the result has been overwhelmed with success and inspirations. Workaway gives the opportunity to work, test and share your project with other entrepreneurs, who can deliver useful new insights on your project. The entire participants are entrepreneurs who burn for their project and want to growth their network to help and get friendships internationally.

The camp is held in a luxury house just north of Barcelona, and in 7 days we are all dedicated to move our projects forward together. We will arrange some sessions to those who want to pitch their project and get some feedback from the other participants. Furthermore we have the pool, football pitch and terraces to relax at when we need a break.

Former participants say

Casper Schnedereit

Workaway Camp was a really cool experience. Nikolaj created the perfect setting for a week of concentrated entrepreneurial work. It all took place in a luxury villa in the mountains north of Barcelona. The trip has been really valuable because it got to talk to a lot of interesting people and expand my professional network. Joining this trip has definitely been one of the best things I have done for my business in 2012.

Philip Mahler

Workaway Camp 2012 was a great experience. Not only did I get to meet a ton of exiting people. Being on Workaway Camp also reaffirmed that my passions was within marketing. Being around people who love what they are doing cannot be undervalued. The stay at Workaway Camp was made even more pleasant because Nikolaj and the team made all necessary preparations. My only worry was wether or not my laptop would be able to manage a few hours by the pool on a single charge.

You can have a look at our homepage here:

We also have a Facebook competition so you can win a spot +flights from your destination to Barcelona:

Next Workaway camp will be from September 5 to 12, 2014. Startupbusiness is partner of the project

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