Amiko, the first wearable activity track for medical packages goes on Indiegogo and is finalist at Pioneers Festival

Pubblicato il 10 Nov 2014

One of healthcare’s biggest concerns is the discrepancy between potentially achievable success rates and the actual treatment success rates when it comes to patients. Studies show that something as simple as getting patients to take their meds, on time, in the right order and in the proper amount, could actually prevent as many as 125,000 deaths per year in the United States only. Studies show non-adherence results in $100B annually in excess hospitalization costs and when all economic consequences are included, the problem may result in as much as $290B annually in avoidable medical spending.

Amiko, a unique wearable activity tracker that actually wraps around medicine packaging, launches to tackle non-adherent behavior as it happens. While other solutions are either smartphone apps which rely on patients to accurately and consistently report behavior or are very expensive, custom-made medication packages, Amiko is very simple, inexpensive and literally detects and tracks when a patient is dispensing medication with no additional self-reporting or other activities required. Designed for ease-of-use but also showing its roots in the Italian fashion world of Milan, Amiko is elegant and sophisticated.

“We belief that is worthwhile to invest our time, resources and best efforts in addressing the worldwide problem of striking mangitude as the WHO (World health organization) calls it. That is, the problem of non-adherence to medication”, says to Startupbusiness Duilio Macchi, president and co-founder of Amiko the startup that launching world first wareable activity tracker for medical packages.

Amiko is an affordable, lightweight sensor-packed in a leaf-shaped sleeve that is specially designed to fit perfectly on five common types of medicine packaging. Easy to use, Amiko is placed on medicine packaging and detects both motion and the angle of motion using its MEMS sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope. It tracks the medicine taken and sends information to a connected app available to patients and caregivers.

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Amiko acts as a personal medication assistant, helping patients and caregivers manage prescriptions: taking the right dose of each medication and when, and alerting the patient to refill specific prescriptions when levels are low.

The Amiko inhaler, the first product to be launched, manages and measures the actual medicine used, and also guides the user through the inhalation process which is performed incorrectly up to one-third of the time. Amiko determines if the inhaler is held and loaded correctly and provides step-by-step real-time feedback as the medication is being inhaled, offering guidance regarding correct inhalation time, allowing proper intake of the medication.

Amiko’s patented technology, called Sensenergy, is a proprietary algorithm that uses 9 axis MEMS sensors to measure the energy released from the mechanical extraction of the medication from its packaging. Amiko fits most dry powder inhaler packaging, including all accuhalers, aerolizers, handihalers and turbuhalers, commonly used for asthma. Devices will be available later for blister packs, insulin pens, and pill bottles.

To help improve medication adherence and overall health outcomes, Amiko: makes sure the right dose is taken at the right time and in the right way; offers real-time alerts and easy-to-read reports on an app on connected mobile devices, available to patients and caregivers; offers the ability to share medication schedule and history reports with your physicians; includes a small connected hub that lights or buzzes as additional reminders to take medication.

Amiko has been selected to participate in the Pioneers Festival on October 29 in Vienna, Austria. Pioneers Festival, dubbed a “smarter SXSW” by Forbes, is an event that connects the best ideas in technology and entrepreneurship. As a selected startup in the Pioneers Top 50, Amiko will present their ideas to some of the best and brightest in the technology space.

Amiko is launching today on IndieGoGo to crowd-fund the final manufacturing costs of their wearable trackable device for inhalers typically used for asthma and COPD. Units will be available for sale and distribution commercially in Q2 2015 and will cost approximately $50.

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