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Social impact incubators in Italy

The impact investing in Italy is currently characterized by a curious asymmetry, more capital than demand, according to the Social Impact Outlook report released recently by Tiresia, the research centre of Politecnico di Milano. Against an impact capital of 210.5 m...

The Italian startups making wine economy greater than ever

Italian wine economy startups, each with its own idea and business model, are growing. A list of the best startups, scaleups, projects.

What is Deep Tech and which startups are marking the road (not Uber)

Deep tech startups develop groundbreaking technologies with a high impact. Here's a definition, 25 European startups engaged in the industry, the most active investors.

Innovative, durable and recyclable: iMask is here and it's made in Italy

All of us in this time of Covid 19 emergency have been thinking that one of the new, powerful, business was the mask business. These guys made it: Giovanni Gallo and Salvatore Cobuzio are the founders of iMask, a startup company bloomed to produce the mask we were missi...

Coronavirus: what are the chances we'll change our behaviour in the aftermath?

The world as we know it may never be the same. The global economy has slowed, people are living in isolation and the death toll from an invisible killer is rising exponentially. The coronavirus pandemic has imposed a harsh reality of bereavement, illness and unemploymen...

How start-ups are changing Japan

Tim Romero is the author of Disrupting Japan, that is considered the reference point for the Japanese start-up ecosystem and in this column, he wrote for Startupbusiness, explains how the Country is living a new season of big changes and why start-ups are so important f...

Sooma, a revolutionary new depression treatment, raises €1.2M

The MedTech Finn startup Sooma raises 1.2 million euros with its system for a non-pharmacological therapy for the treatment of depression. The investors are Kustaa Piha, CEO of Athensmed and Italian Angels for Growth (one of the most active Italian business angel networks), which participates with 520,000 euros and has chosen Michele Marzola and Carlo Brunetti as co-champion of the operation.

Balderton Capital tips €400m to find next European tech giant

Balderton Capital, which was recently named the most active Series A investor in Europe*, is launching a new $400m fund to continue to support outstanding European founders at this critical stage in a startup’s journey. The fund is launched against a backdrop of un...

Here's Eureka!, the new Italian fund investing in advanced materials

The investment focus of the new fund will be on advanced and smart material like graphene. That's why they are partnering with the best Italian universities

Hi-tech Startups Observatory Research Results 2019

The Italian market of investments in hi-tech startups reached in 2019 the amount of 694 million euros, compared to 593 million euros in 2018, a growth of 17%. More than last year but still not enough. This is one of the figures of the seventh edition of the report "H...