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The Italian insurtech Neosurance is growing fast

The Italian insurtech company could reach funds of over 1.7 million euros by the end of the year. It has developed AI technology for instant micro policies

15 Italian startups for the smart home (and the insurance industry)

An overview of the Italian smart home startups that all insurance companies should know and take into account.

Child Explorer, a wearable for children to innovate insurance

BNP Paribas Cardif aims to integrate Child Explorer, a wearable for the child safety powered by the Italian startup Enbelive, into insurance solutions

Poland and the city of Wroclaw, emerging startup destination

Why you should consider Poland and the city of Wroclaw your next startup destination. Read what Jakub Gajdamowicz, Natalia Wartecka and Lukasz Lergetporer say

Fashion tech, Lanieri is the first brand to accept bitcoin

The Italian e-commerce dedicated to men’s elegance from today is accepting bitcoin within its payment methods, targeting the new 'smart nerd' generation

Italian startups: 2Hire and Big Profiles raise 1,2million €

2Hire (automotive) & Big Profilies (customer intelligence) are the italian startups that aised 1,2million € from LVenture Group and Invitalia Ventures.

Insurtech glossary: all the words of innovation in insurance

From A - Artificial Intelligence to S - Self driving car , the insurtech glossary you should know to understand the revolution in insurance industry

Insurance, how Blockchain can positively influence the industry

The trust relationship: this is the fundamental aspect where blockchain will operate to revolutioning the insurance industry.A Coindesk report highlights how innovative technology will improve and what insurances companies are already doing.

Co-working spaces in Milan, the practical guide for startups

In the Milan startup ecosystem there are more than 60 co-working spaces. Their core offering is office space for startups and freelancers

ScaleIT 2017, here are the 15 scaleups selected for the coming edition

Third edition for ScaleIT, which will be held on 17 and 18 October in Milan, the Italian event/platform aiming to boost scaleups fundraising