All about startups in Italy
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English contents

Startups in Italy: we deliver some of our news in English language for our international readers.

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Social impact incubators in Italy

The impact investing in Italy is currently characterized by a curious asymmetry, more capital than demand, according to the Social Impact Outlook report released recently by Tiresia, the research centre of Politecnico di Milano. Against an impact capital of 210.5 m...

The Italian startups making wine economy greater than ever

Italian wine economy startups, each with its own idea and business model, are growing. A list of the best startups, scaleups, projects.

What is Deep Tech and which startups are marking the road (not Uber)

Deep tech startups develop groundbreaking technologies with a high impact. Here's a definition, 25 European startups engaged in the industry, the most active investors.

Digital Therapeutics, definition, applications, examples, startups

Digital therapeutics are on the rise. Let's see what this subset of digital health really is, which companies, startups and organizations are emerging

Wolves Summit, here is the Eastern European start-up ecosystem

The Palace of Culture and Science is probably the most controversial building in Warsaw. With an exotic combination of Soviet and Newyorkese architecture, it overlooks the city hiding extraordinary stories. The building that once hosted the Rolling Stones and Stalin, to...

Cyprus, the alternative blockchain ‘paradise’

The blockchain event Nakamoto’s Den was held on the 19th and 20th of February in Limassol, Cyprus, which is trying, just like Malta to be on the blockchain map with the active involvement of the Cyprus Blockchain Association, a regulated non-profit association in Cyp...

Italy boosts startup ecosystem with a National Innovation Fund

Some highlights of what Minister Luigi di Maio said at the presentation of the National Innovation Fund, a new lever of the country's industrial development.

Quadrans, the blockchain infrastructure for applications

The blockchain is here. We hear about it every day but besides the famous cryptocurrencies, who uses it? Some say that it is something that interests technology providers rather than the market itself; others grasp the real disruptive potential which is the decentraliza...

Italian scale-ups working together: how Italianway uses Soldo to increase productivity

What happens when technology scaleups find synergy and start collaborating? Businesses grow, become more efficient, more international, more capable of creating added value and jobs. in the case of Italianway and Soldo this is exactly what happened. The first is a co...

The mobile bank N26 raises $300m, evaluation hits 2.7 mln euros

N26 announced a $300mln funding round, the largest private equity financing round for a fintech company in Europe in recent years