Comehome, the Airbnb of in-home events, raises €800k to expand its market in Italy and Europe

Pubblicato il 31 Ott 2019

Founded in 2017 by Michele Cesario, Daniele Chierchia, Federico Santaroni, and Andrea Vitale, Comehome, has secured a new investment round of 800 thousand euros led by members of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) and crowdfunding, through BacktoWork24.

The startup has developed a platform to socialize using an Airbnb-type model. Hosts create events organized in public or private locations and the Comehome community (about 80k registered users) can choose to participate in these events, incurring a small fee. To date, more than 2500 events have been organized and there are over 20k active users. Comehome is also gaining traction in the B2B market to which it offers an innovative marketing channel to reach its target from online to offline and advertise products during events organized by community hosts.

Michele Cesario, one of the founders said: “We are very pleased with the closure of this seed round and with the entry of IAG members into our cap table. This important capital increase will give our startup the opportunity to face the challenge of internationalization, supported by the skills and experience of one of the main players in the Italian investment ecosystem. We are aware that this investment round is not a goal for us but only a starting point in our path to conquering the global market. The best is yet to come!”

“We experienced the Comehome effect firsthand. Instead of a bar or a square, the events are at home in an intimate and familiar environment. There is a host who welcomes you. You feel at home, like friends, even if you don’t know anyone. It’s really hard to create this kind of experience, but Comehome does it – like magic. Comehome responds to a desire for socializing that is present in today’s cities and has proven its success through double-digit monthly growth rates, thanks in part to its strong, cohesive, close-knit team”, declare Roberto Montandon and Federico Pistono, IAG members and Champions of the investment in Comehome.

“Our members appreciated the excellent quality of the team and their ability to execute, which is absolutely relevant when looking at their current resources and environment,” – says Giacomo Valentini, Managing Director of Italian Angels for Growth – “The investment of IAG members aims to consolidate and strengthen the presence of Comehome in the Italian cities where it is already active and start the process of globalization, beginning in Spain”.

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