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Pubblicato il 23 Lug 2015

How to start a startup series

Lecture 12 – Building for the Enterprise (Aaron Levie)

Aaron Levie – founder of Box, enterprise master, Twitter comedic genius. In this lecture, he’ll convince you to Build for the Enterprise.

 …I am going to try and convince you that everyone else that speaks during this whole class is wrong and that you actually want to build an enterprise software company…

…The first point to remember, always look for the changing technology factors….

…However, the problem was that enterprise software was very unsexy right? Very competitive, very hard to build a business. It wasn’t something you shot out of bed in the morning saying, I’m super excited to build an enterprise software company….

…So everything about enterprise, and by definition the software that the enterprise uses, has changed just in the past 5 years. If there ever was a magical time to build an enterprise software company, now is that time in terms of how much has changed in what is going on with organizations….

Full transcription here

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