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Pubblicato il 23 Lug 2015

How to start a startup series

Lecture 16 – How to Run a User Interview (Emmett Shear)

Building product, and talking to users. In the early stages of your startup, those are the two things you should focus on.

In this lecture, Emmett Shear, Founder and CEO of and Twitch, covers the latter. What can you learn by talking to users that you can’t learn by looking at data? What questions should you ask? How can user interviews define or redefine your product goals?

…..So take 120 seconds right now and think about not what you would ask or what the right features for this app is, but who would you talk to?

…The most common mistake is showing people your product. Don’t show them your product. It’s like telling them about a feature. You want to learn what’s already in their heads…

…Another big mistake people make is talking to who is available rather than talking to who they need to talk to….

Full transcription here

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