Gli errori da evitare quando la tua startup comincia a ingranare

Pubblicato il 23 Lug 2015

The last class of How to start a startup series

Sam Altman speaks about things that a founder should ignore when starting, but become important a year in. Things like management, hr, legal, accounting, marketing, pr, psychology.

…The first area we’re going to talk about is management. In the beginning of a company, there is no management. This actually works really well. Before 20 and 25 employees, most companies are structured with everyone reporting to founder. It’s totally flat. That’s really good. That’s what you want because at that stage, it’s the optimal structure for productivity….

….The second mistake is “Hero Mode”….

….Third mistake: “Bad Delegation”. Most founders have not managed people before and certainly have not managed managers….

….Another thing that happens as you begin to be successful as you go from being someone that most people rooted for – kind of the underdog. To someone that a lot of people hating on. You see this first in internet commenters who will be like, “I can’t believe this shitty company raised money. It fucking sucks. It’s like awful. And it only bothers you a little bit. But then journalists that you kind of care about it start writing this and it just goes on and on. This also will go on and on as you get more and more successful. You just have to make peace with this early. But if you don’t it will bother you all the way through…

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