Malta calling: startAPP 2.0

Pubblicato il 21 Dic 2015

Il MITA (Malta Information Technology Agency) Innovation Hub ha lanciato una call aperta anche a startup europee per la realizzazione di un’app innovativa basata su Big Data geo spaziali pubblici forniti dalle diverse piattaforme europee e maltesi. Ci sono a disposizione due grant da 22 mila euro ciascuno. Deadline 8 febbraio 2016.

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startAPP 2.0

The MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) is offering Startups two grants of €22,000 each for a proof-of-concept based on the development of two innovatively designed apps. Each grant includes a cash injection of €15,000.

The app must address a problem in public administration or wider civil society using free and publicly available earth observation and geo-spatial data sourced from the European Copernicus​ programme and other datasets made available by various Maltese public sector entities, among them the Government Geo-Portal​. The value of the ideas proposed must be validated by market research aimed to test a hypothesis that citizens or businesses will use and consume such a proposed solution.

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The selected Startups will experience transformation of their idea into a prototype for testing, deployment and use in a real life scenario, while enjoying the benefits of developing and retaining their own Intellectual Property. They will also gain the privilege of ongoing interaction with MITA, the MCST and a reputable organisation appointed by the European Space Agency to assist in the transformation of the data into meaningful information. Depending on the technologies chosen to support the proof-of-concept, the MIH will also liaise with any multinational partner interested in providing technical mentorship or resources of relevance to the project.

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